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        • 商品詳情
        • 商品名稱:特價批發爆款手持迷你數字風速計AnemometerGM816風速風溫風速儀
        • 商品分類:其他
        • 計價單位:件
        • 品牌:無


        ----風速: 0~30米/秒, 1.4~90千米/小時, 0~5860英尺/分, 0~55海里/小時, 0~65英里/小時 (精確度:± 5%) 
        ----風溫: -10~45o C, 14~113o F (精確度:± 2o C) 
        *分辨率: 0.2o C, 0.2m/s

        *電源:CR2032 3.0V
        *產品凈重: 52g (含電池)


        This Wind Speed Temperature Gauge Anemometer with LCD digital display is ideal for weather enthusiast or professional to measure air velocity and air temperature accurately.

        This handy palm sized anemometer withstrap for convenient carrying.

        Air velocity and temperature measurement.

        Ideal tool for windsurfing, sailing, fishing, kite flying and mountaineering.

        Also use it for industrial and home purpose such as measuring wind speed.

        Temperature of CPU computer fans, air blower.

        LED back light design for operation under poor illumination.

        Wind chill indication and Beaufort scale.

        Current / max / average wind speed reading.

        Five Units of Air Velocity: m/s, Km/h, ft/min, Knots, mph.

        Powered by a built-in 3V CR2032 battery.

        Small size, lightweight and portable!!



        Air Velocity Specification:

        Range:0 - 30 m/s, 0 - 90 km/h, 0 - 5860 ft/min, 0 - 65 mph, 0 - 55 Knots.

        Resolution:0.1 m/s, 0.3 km/h, 19 ft/min, 0.2 mph, 0.2 Knots.

        Threshold:0.1m/s, 0.3 km/h, 39 ft/min, 0.2 mph, 0.1 Knots.

        Accuracy:+/- 5%.


        Air Temperature Specification:

        Thermometer:NTC Thermometer.

        Range:Between -10°C and 45°C (between 14°F and 113°F)

        Storage Temperature:Between -40°C and +60°C, between -40°F and 140°F.

        Resolution:0.2°C, 0.36°F.

        Accuracy:±2°C, ±3.6°F

        Current Consumption:About 3mA

        Operating Humidity:Less than or equal to 90% RH.

        Item Size: 105 * 59 * 20mm

        Weight: 111g